Vinyl-Coated Colored Paper Clips


Sick of losing your important documents all over the place? Or of having those rusty remnants from cheap paper clips staining the corner of your paperwork? Craftioner has undone all of your worries with two durable paper clip types. Kudos to the person who invented paper clips but we just modified it to a completely new level!

One of our two products is Vinyl-coated colored paper clip offer different types of paper clips variety of colors: blue, red, green, white, pink and yellow. We offer an assorted box for our paper clips so your desk does not get all that messy or infest your drawers. This Vinyl-coated colored paper clip is delicately coated with vinyl, smoothening its finish and protecting the paper from being damaged but most importantly, it will give your desk a little color to make your day a bit brighter!


Vinyl-coated colored paper clip


Paperclip manufacturing requires a certain amount of genius and we have invested that to bring you the best-quality paper clips.

Storage made easy

Our space-friendly colored paper clips are neatly packed in a plastic container with 6 separate compartments making it easier to manage them and ensuring that your desk and drawers are mess-free.


What is a paper clip made of, you may ask? Craftioner uses vinyl-coated metal for its paper clips that resist corrosion. Additionally, its smooth finishing keeps your important paperwork squeaky clean from scratches and marks effectively adding to its durability and product life.

Quantity & quality guaranteed

  • Craftioner offers high-quality paper clip with plenty of options within one box: Our multi-colored vinyl-coated paper clip has 450 pcs of differently colored paper clips including 50 large paper clips of 50mm, 150 medium paper clips of 33mm and 550 small paper clips of 28mm

What do people say?

To substantiate the usefulness of our paper clips, pay heed to what our customers had to say. Ron states, “These paper clips are very smooth so they slide easily onto at least 20 sheets of paper with ease and retain their shape when removed” Mikey too, vouches for these paper clips saying, “This is great! There are many paper clips that will last a long time. They hold up very nice too, they’re sturdy and made well. The assorted sizes are a bonus!”

Many more people back our paper clips for their ease of use and handiness, read here. 

Rating: 4.7/5


Uses of a paper clip are plenty. Our paper clips are innovative and come in handy at a variety of places:

DIY activities

Especially in managing paperwork and photo albums.